Saturday, September 21, 2013

Crew's 5th Spiderman Birthday Party

I spent the last year preparing for the big day a little at a time seeing as how I am so busy.
 I spray painted buildings, put together favors and made a lot of decorations as well as doing a lot of Shopping here and there. The party was a success and all the kids had a blast. First I will show you the invite. I love doing my own invites it makes it so much more personal. feel free to click on any picture to enlarge. Here is what we came up with for Crew

we spent the morning getting ready and decorating, It took us about 3 hours to set up.

I Loved his cake. Done by Broken cake creations.

Here is a group shot to start with. Since I am a photographer I always have to get lots of group and individual pictures. As the kids came in they each got their individual pictures taken in their costumes or whatever they came in.

Than we did our first game which was a long obstacle course we set up in our churches gym. Each child was timed on how fast they completed the course, each one tried so hard to beat the others time. We started with jump rope than bean bag through, then they had to jump over small building,throw a basketball in the net, climb into our spider lab with hanging spiders and find therir name on a tag with a spiderman sticker. Next, they climbed through a tunnel, webbed a bad guy with silly string, threw 3 velcro balls to get points and ended with a frisbee toss.

after games we had cake and ice-cream (everyones favorite part.) I bought each child a spiderman plate from the dollar store. Found cite little round spiderman water bottles and bought some cute straws to go in them.

than we had  a fun fight in the arena game. I bought a bunch of shields, swords and mallets from the dollar store that were spiderman. We put two at a time in the ring. They had to fight each other to see who got the most hits. The other kids cheered them on.

next was presents:

we ended with some group photos, handed out their party favors which were mason jars filled with spider man stuff. I glued a spider man to the top and spray painted the lids blue. Handed out candy from the bowls such as spiderman ring pops, spider man bubble gum packs, spider man silly bands and more.The kids said " wow its like it's our birthday we are going home with so much stuff" they were super excited.

Crew had a great 5th birthday party.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Painted my doorknobs

So excited, I have always hated my cheap and cheesy gold door knobs so my project yesterday was to paint them. I love them! It was so easy. I used rustoleum Rustic oil rubbed spray with primer. Removed all knobs, sprayed, let dry and wala I have a new looking house!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from the Christiansens

We had a fantastic valentines day. Scott and I celebrated yesterday because we had too much going on today. Here are a few of the things I did for him. He woke up to breakfast and a little something for him to bring to work for him and the guys.( A bunch of muffins), than he found the we were "mint to be together" in his truck full of mints. and than of course some chocolates and an itunes card.

 My kids got a little something too.


Than the girls had baskets for the boys they like and call their Valentine's This was one thing in the basket along with the ipod Valentine. They also handed the ipod valentine to their friends.

here is a close-up- you can right click save as if you want to ever use it. It took me a while so others may enjoy it.
than of course there was their Valentine breakfast!! Heart pancakes, strawberry milk and lots of Love!!

the beautiful flowers are from my husband.

all the gifts

a little something for you to laugh at. my little Crew bug

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Last weeks organizational projects!

I am so sick of snow that I started spring cleaning and organizing early. here is what I did for last weeks projects.
First I made a purse emergency kit out of a dollar store hot pad. I just sewed in snack bags and sewed on a ribbon on both sides to tie it shut.

Than I made a little emergency car kit for the van in case we break down somewhere and I need a few things for the kids. 

Next I organized my coat closet. We always put our 72 hour bags in that closet and it is always a mess. In order to avoid the clutter I decided to pile them up and use a bungee cord to keep them all snug. We can just grab and go in an emergency.                                                         

Lastly, I am so sick of always putting away everyone's laundry so I made everyone baskets. I just put the laundry in their baskets and they are responsible to come get it and put it all away.I am not a slave people!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Crews teddy sledding accident

Crew made this for his pre-school class Christmas party. I thought he did so good. It was made out od cotton candy, marshmallows, orange sticks and teddy grahams

Sunday, September 23, 2012

crews Dinosaur Birthday party-4 yrs old

I had a few requests to post this on my blog so people could pin the ideas to their boards. We had a dinosaur safari for Crews 4th birthday. The kids and Crew had a blast!!! First I made ice cubes with dinosaurs froze in them for the drink.

Next I made dinosaur eggs out of flour water & salt and placed a dinosaur inside for the kids to dig out the dinosaur. At our dinosaur museum station. You will see pictures of this down further'

For our dinosaur discovery dig. I made fossils out of the same mixture and placed foot prints etc. in the middle. You can wait a few days to dry or place in oven at 200 degrees till dry.

I shop all year long at thrift stores etc for decorations for my kids parties. Anything that fits the theme. I buy for cheap.
I set up a safari interest. All the kids when they arrived got a safari hat, binoculars and a safari tag on a lanyard which we made.

my safari guide (uncle chad. read a dinosaur story to the kids while we waited for everyone to get there. this sign was on my front door and we had tracks to lead to the outside gate.

our guide Crews Uncle Chad!
Here are a few of the entrance way safari decorations.

the kids were so excited coming in looking through their binoculars at the jungle we created.

the guide showed a bracelet with a ant in a stone saying it was from the dinosaur ages.

first stop was dino diner where the kids ate dinosaur nuggets, dinosaur fruit snacks, Gummy worms and our t-rex watermellon.

than we went to the dinosaur discovery. Where the kids dug through the sand to find toy dinosaurs,our fossils we made and a put together dinosaur.

next we went to the dinosaur museum where we showed some real fossils, my daughter did a lava demonstration and the kids dug in their eggs to find their dinos.

Than we watched a volcano erupt.

we did a dinosaur treasure hunt next, presents, than the kids ate cake and ice cream. I made dino bones out of sugar cookies, made a chocolate cake put chocolate graham crackers crumbled on the top.

next kids went to the sou veneer shop where they got tickets to buy sou veneers and got a special goodie bag and a barrel of candy. We had a ton of little dollar store blow up dinosaurs all around the safari they all got to choose one of those at the end too.

Next it was photo time. the kids had fun with this.

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook